Republican Presidential candidate: John Kasich

Ohio Gov. John Kasich entered the race on July 21.  He’s served in that capacity since 2011, and served in the US House as well, where his focus was on balancing the federal budget.  He also ran for the White House in 2000.

Kasich’s track record on budget issues are mixed.  While in the House, he fought to reduce spending.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t carried over to his time in the Governor’s mansion.  While he reduced spending at first, his more recent proposals have included a 40% increase in the general budget.  He’s ranked at the bottom of Republican governors for fiscal responsibility by the Cato Institute, and even scored lower than eight Democratic governors.

He’s supported banning federal funds from going to schools which discriminate against religious meetings, backed federal term limits, supported ending federal funds for presidential campaigns, and backed a 1998 proposal for a religious freedom amendment to the Constitution.

He’s reasonably good on educational issues.  While he backed an amendment in 1992 which directed a portion of federal grants be used for school choice programs, and backed a 1998 bill which started a school choice program in the District of Columbia, he’s also a backer of Common Core.

He backed elevating the EPA to a Cabinet level office in 1990 & believes that AGW is a real concern, he’s also supported rolling back renewable energy requirements & told radio talk show host Sean Hannity that Obama’s cap & trade policies would be harmful.

Kasich was a backer of the 2000 Medicare ‘Part D’ plan (the prescription drug plan), and backed an expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare.

He’s also a backer of amnesty or a ‘path to citizenship‘ for illegal immigrants.  He also has a fundamental misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment, as many do, saying “Let these people who are born here be citizens, and that’s the end of it.”

Kasich’s support for the 2nd Amendment is weak as well.  While he voted against the Brady Bill and the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1991, he also voted against removing provisions of a bill which would have required a waiting period for handguns.

John Kasich sees himself as a ‘compassionate conservative’, in the mold of George H W Bush.

I have too many questions about Kasich to be able to back him.  He’s too moderate on too many issues.  I think he’d be another middle of the road type.  Someone the ‘Establishment’ likes.  Sorry, John.  You don’t have my vote.

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Reblog: Wilderness of Mirrors Conservatives vs the Republican Party

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Republican Presidential candidate: Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO, was in the first debate- the ‘minor leaguer’ debate.  Because of her performance, she’s seen a steady increase in her support.

A plus for her is that she’s not a career politician.  She ran for the US Senate from California in 2010 and lost.

But she doesn’t seem to have outlined specifics of what she’d do, or how she’d fix the problems we’re facing as a nation.

So where does Ms. Fiorina stand on the important issues?

While she has criticized Common Core standards, she still wants to see the federal government take more of a role in educating America’s youth.

She backed the TARP bailout & Obama’s stimulus package, although she says she now opposes TARP.  She hasn’t specifically backed cap & trade, but at least appears to support it.

Ms. Fiorina also supports ‘birthright citizenship’, supposedly granted under the 14th Amendment.  (see my post on Immigration)  She also backed the ‘Dream Act’, and the ‘Gang of Eight’ push for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

She at least appears to be a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

On the environment, she opposes the renewable fuel standards & the wind energy tax credit, and blames the left for water shortages in California.  On the other hand, she blames human activity for ‘Climate Change’, and appears to back cap & trade.

According to ‘The Examiner‘, Carly Fiornia is another moderate to liberal, running as a conservative.

Because of her stance on issues, and her poor performance while at HP, I’d have a very hard time backing Ms. Fiorina for the White House.  I’d much rather see a woman like Nikki Haley or Susanna Martinez run.  Or, in a few years, Mia Love.

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Republican Presidential candidate: Lindsey Graham

Republicans have a huge number of candidates to choose from in the upcoming Presidential primaries.  I’d like to offer my opinions on them.

Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina, is one of the candidates I can safely say I will never support in the primaries.  I’m not even sure I could back him in the General Election.

According to the American Conservative Union, Graham scored just 74% ‘Conservative’ in the most recent Congress.  This was an increase over his previous session score of 68%.  While his lifetime (20 years) score is reasonably good (87.3%), he seems to be getting more & more liberal as time goes on- something we see from far too many of our Republican representatives.

The website ‘Conservative Review‘ ranks him at just 47% Conservative.  This score is based on his support for ‘fast track’ trade authority for President Obama, supporting Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, and his backing of funding to pay for Obama’s executive amnesty among others.  In the past, he’s supported numerous bailouts, backed comprehensive immigration reform, been weak on 2nd Amendment issues, and backed raising the debt ceiling a total of 10 times.  More of the Conservative Review analysis here.

Sorry Lindsey, you seem to be far too much in Obama’s pocket for my taste!

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CJ Pearson

I haven’t got any idea who I’ll end up backing for the White House in 2016.  But I already have an idea of who I could easily support for the White House in about 2044.

Young CJ Pearson, a 13 year old from Augusta Georgia, has made a number of youtube videos expressing conservative views, and questioning President Obama’s decisions and even his patriotism.

Even though his parents are Democrats, young CJ has considered himself a conservative since he was 8.   He’s remarkably articulate & astute for someone so young, and while he’s certainly drawn attention for his comments on national issues, his main focus has been on state & local issues, even writing a bill for the state legislature which would lower the minimum age to serve.

I’ll be interested to follow this young man’s future.  Will he disappear like some young conservatives have?  Or will he continue to grow in his beliefs and his influence?  From what I’ve seen so far, I hope for the latter!

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Charleston Church Massacre

The massacre of nine innocent men & women at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC is certainly in part due to the alleged perpetrator’s (I refuse to say his name) hatred of minorities, as evidenced by his online rant.

His hatred seems, at least, to be something that’s developed fairly recently.  A friend of his, who describes himself as ‘half black’ didn’t see indications of racism when they were growing up.

His father & uncle called authorities & positively identified him as the alleged perpetrator, and his uncle said he would ‘push the button himself‘ if the murderer is sentenced to death.

There are calls for this attack to be classified as terrorism.  1   2   3    But FBI director James Corney says that a terrorist act must be politically motivated.

The calls of racism & of a ‘hate crime’ certainly make sense, especially in light of images showing the alleged perpetrator wearing a jacket with a pro-apartheid patch on it2 (scroll about halfway down linked pages), the type of thing that would, in the eyes of the left, make him a member of the Right.  But other pictures show him burning an American flag, and there are expressions of hatred towards American patriotism, hardly actions I’d expect of a Conservative.

Regardless of his motive, regardless of his political leanings, I hope he’s punished to the greatest extent possible, should he be convicted.


The response of the community, especially the families of the victims of this senseless act, is so much better and so much more Christ-like than I could be.  I respect them, and offer my prayers to them.

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The 2016 Presidential Race Democratic Candidates

We’re well over a year before our next Presidential election.  Potential candidates are putting cautious toes in the water, testing if they’ve got enough support and enough big money donors to make a run.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley & Lincoln Chafee have announced their candidacy, and Vice President Joe Biden has expressed interest.  Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell & Sen. Chris Murphy are also potential candidates.

Based solely on the general beliefs of the Democratic Party, I wouldn’t back any of these individuals, but let’s take a quick look at them.

Hillary Clinton has serious potential ethical issues, mainly regarding official email stored on a personal server rather than saved as required by law, and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Bernie Sanders is an extreme leftist who’s complained that too many deodorant choices mean we don’t have enough money to pay for government programs.  He’s stated he’d back a top tax rate in the 90% range.  I think he’s out of his mind.

Martin O’Malley, former Delaware Governor, is almost as far to the left as Sanders is.  He raised taxes about 40 times during his 8 years in office, with increases in fees for Birth & Death Certificates to an infamous ‘rain tax’, based on the amount of impervious surface on a person’s property.  Yet another disciple of the Church of Big Government.

Lincoln Chafee’s time in the US Senate & in the Governor’s mansion in Rhode Island show that he’s also far to the left.  He’s backed tax increases, more federal funding for health care, expanded federal control over class action lawsuits, but opposed a wholesale ban on gifts from employees of lobbyists.  On Social issues, he opposed a proposed ban on Partial Birth Abortion, backs gun control & opposed a bill which protected firearm manufacturers & dealers from being held liable for damages caused by their products.

Joe Biden is, in my opinion, a brainless fool.  I wouldn’t trust him to find his way out of bed in the morning.  Gore is a flake.  Bloomberg loves taxes & hates guns.

As far as Gov. Markell & Sen. Murphy go, I don’t know enough about them to give even a little bit of a profile, but the little I’ve read paints them as being pretty far to the left as well.

I’ll start touching on Republican candidates soon.

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