Conservative Outreach

Before the 2018 midterm elections, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, both extreme liberals, visited Wichita Kansas to boost the  congressional campaign of James Thompson. It’s clear that they understand the importance of trying to attract new voters, or to bring out voters who otherwise wouldn’t even bother.

Conservatives, and Republicans, need to do the same thing. We’ve ignored far too many groups of people for far too long. Republicans often don’t even bother asking for votes from the black community. We don’t bother asking for votes from Hispanic voters.

We need to strongly reject those elements who claim to be conservative who are racist, and clearly demonstrate that we believe in equality of standard, and equality of opportunity.

We need to encourage minorities to reject the policies of the Democratic Party which, over generations haven’t accomplished the things that the left claims that they will.



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“Some people did something“

Representative Ilhan Omar recently dismissed the September 11, 2001 attacks with the words “Some people did something.”  Democrats from Nancy Pelosi to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have defended these remarks.


While I absolutely agree she has the right to make those remarks, the remarks themselves are inexcusable.


If a conservative had responded to the Charleston massacre, or the murderous attack at the mosque in Australia with the words “someone did something“, they would very rightly be attacked endlessly in the media.   At the very least, there would be demands that they be thrown off every committee in Congress, a slew of opponents would be brought in to challenge them in their next election, and anyone who voted for them or defended those remarks would be attacked as a bigot.


Anyone who has made threats against Rep. Omar does deserve to face the full consequences. But in the same way, her casual attitude towards the murder of 3000 Americans means that she is a poor choice to represent America



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Sexual assault

The recent flood of claims of sexual assault by a parade of actors, directors, producers, doctors and just about everyone else under the sun is a sad commentary.

The idea that anyone thinks they have the right to demand sex because of who they are or their position over someone else is disgusting.  And the claim by some people that women who dress a certain way or act a certain way means they’re ‘asking for it’ is idiotic.

Whether a woman is drunk, on drugs, covered head to toe or naked does not give a man the right to touch her without her permission.

I think we’d be better off too if we talked more respectfully about women, and I’ll call out people on both sides of the aisle, whether it’s Trump or Clinton on that issue.

Come on guys, be respectful.  Be honorable.  Be men.

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Christianity in America

Fewer and fewer people identify as Christian today.  ‘Spiritualism’, Atheism, Agnosticism, along with other belief systems are on the rise.  And there’s increasing hostility towards Christians & Christianity as well.

Some of this increased hostility is, I believe, our own fault.  We come across, too often, as sticks in the mud.  Angry scolds.  Weird people others don’t want to be like.

I’ve read that Mahatma Gandhi was asked

Mr. Gandhi, though you quote the words of Christ often, why is that you appear to so adamantly reject becoming his follower?

Gandhi replied:

Oh, I don’t reject Christ. I love Christ. It’s just that so many of you Christians are so unlike Christ.

A variation on that had Gandhi replying ‘I would suggest first of all that all of you Christians, missionaries and all begin to live more like Jesus Christ.

And I can agree with that statement.  Unfortunately whether it was actually said or not, it applies to me as well.

A quick search under ‘Who said they didn’t want to be like Christians’ gave me over 7 million results.

One of the top links came from The Christian Post.  This very short article from 2009 lists a few complaints former non-believers had about Christians.

So what can we do better?  How do we draw people towards Christ?

First, we need to be more like Him.  Jesus was someone people enjoyed being around.  He celebrated with his friends & neighbors.  What was His first miracle?  Turning water into wine at a wedding!  Let’s stop being sticks in the mud, enforcing rule after rule on everyone else.  We want to be able to have fun, to laugh and celebrate with people who have things to celebrate.

When Jesus was asked about stoning a woman caught having sex with someone who wasn’t her husband, the first thing he did was to tell her accusers that whoever hadn’t sinned themselves could cast the first stone.  When all those around her had left, he told her that since they didn’t condemn her, He didn’t either.  And then he said ‘Go, and sin no more’.  Could we have a similar response?

Christians need to stop being so insular.  Yes, we need support from other Christians.  We need community.  But we also need to be there for non-believers.  We need to be a beacon to them when they’re facing struggles.  And while we need to share Christ with them, maybe beating them over the head with Him isn’t the answer.

We need to be open about our own failures & struggles.  When we condemn someone else’s sins but don’t admit to the times we fall short, we’re hypocrites.  This is something that’s especially true when it comes to sexual sins, since we at least come across as obsessed with sex.

We need to become more of a Christian community.  More loving not just to non Christians, but towards other Christians too.  We might have our differences, but most denominations at least have the central beliefs in common.  So let’s work as a community of believers to solve some of the biggest problems facing the world.  Slavery, whether it involves sex or not.  Broken families.  Single parents.  Unwanted kids- fosters, runaways and young men & women who have aged out of the foster system.  Racism & bigotry.

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Charlottesville, Virginia

Groups preaching racial superiority have, unfortunately, been around for generations.  Even worse, such outdated beliefs are still with us.  Groups like the Klan, skinheads, neo-Nazis, and websites like Stormfront spout hateful, vile ideas which must not reflect the values & ideals of this country.  Racial supremacy & segregation are ideas whose time is long past, or at least should be.

But while such ideas aren’t welcome here, those who hold such ideas have the right to peacefully express them.  And those who believe in the inherit value of people regardless of their skin color have the right to peacefully oppose such bigotry.

Part of the problem in Charlottesville is that apparently the two groups may have been brought in to the same area by law enforcement.  The ‘Unite the Right’ protest was supposedly broken up and its members directed/dispersed towards the anti-racists.  Had these two groups been kept apart, maybe at least some of the problems might not have happened.

Americans need to be willing to let others express their beliefs, no matter how offensive they are.  Activists are demanding that memorials to Confederate officers and even Thomas Jefferson & George Washington be removed because of slavery.   In Germany, and a few other countries, it’s illegal to give the Nazi salute, so we need to stop ‘honoring’ slave holders.  But we have the 1st Amendment, and if it’s legal to burn the flag, as it’s been ruled, then art of any kind, as an expression of freedom of speech, must be allowed as well, no matter how offensive it might be.  Or maybe we could get rid of memorials to FDR, Margaret Sanger, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Byrd, Andrew Johnson, Che Guevara, Lenin, and Stalin, and George Soros would have to be turned over to authorities in Europe for his alleged financial crimes as well.

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Human Trafficking

While legal slavery in America ended with the Civil War, human trafficking still exists today.  It’s as much a travesty now as it was then.

Estimates range from 12 million to as many as over 40 million people who are enslaved around the world, with about 60,000 (as of 2013) slaves here in the US.  (opinion column)

Regardless of the number, there are too many.  America should be a land of freedom, and of opportunity.

So where do these slaves exist?  The sex industry has more than its share of victims.  Young women & girls, lured by promises of jobs in America, are brought in and forced to work in massage parlors or strip clubs.  Other victims have family members or ‘friends’ who start them on this dark path. (and here)

Many are also in food service, whether restaurants, bars or picking crops in the fields.  Men & women have paid thousands to traffickers, coyotes from Mexico, ‘snakeheads’ from China and other lowlifes who then threaten the families of their victims back home, or threaten to turn them over to authorities.  They work long hours, and pay most of their income for food, housing and other ‘fees’.  Their freedom is years down the road, if it ever comes.

An organization called Polaris Project has listed 25 different types of slavery today, ranging from pornography & prostitution to domestic work (housekeeping), traveling sales crews, restaurant, agriculture and health & beauty services to name just a few.

I hope this is an area we can work across the aisle on.  Slavery is an ancient institution, and it’s time that it ends.  We need to shut down human trafficking organizations.  We need to make sure that anyone doing business with the US government, and our state/local governments aren’t enslaving people, and we need to make sure all businesses are employing people voluntarily, not under coercion.



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The ‘Identity’ Movement

We’re told that, despite the fact that someone might be white & male, they can really be a black female.

Someone ‘identifies’ as something they’re not, and the rest of society is expected to treat them as what they identify as, not what they really are.

So how far do we take this?

Do we really treat the young woman who claims she’s a cat like a feline? Get her spayed (maybe not a bad idea)? Let her use the litter box? Take her to the vet for rabies, FIV and distemper shots?

What about the 52 year old man claiming to be a six year old girl?  Should we let him in the locker room with little girls & put him back in first grade?

What about someone who claims to be Napoleon or the Pope?

Do we indulge these delusions, or do we get people the help they need accepting who they are, whether it’s black or white, man or woman, someone who’s famous or not?

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