Christians in today’s world

Christians around the world, even in America, are facing growing opposition, not only from other faiths, but also from society in general.

Now, part of the problem is that we’re not living the lives we should.  We don’t reflect Christ in us, and we don’t meet the standards we ask of others.

We (rightly) condemn divorce, yet the divorce rate among Christians is nearly as high, if not as high, as non-Christians.  We (rightly) condemn adultery, and sex outside marriage, but Christians are often guilty of these same sins.  Scripture condemns greed, but how many times have we seen high-profile ministries brought down because of the same issue?  Christians can be as guilty as anyone of swearing, of violence (see Scott Roeder, who murdered Dr. Tiller) and hatred (see the Phelps clan in Topeka, KS)

It’s not that we’re going to be perfect in our witness.  We’re human.  We’re going to fail.  But we need to focus on our own failures & weaknesses first.  We need to live as closely as possible to what Christ taught, reflect His words, His love, and His mercy without letting that love & mercy give rise to simply letting sin be excused or, worse, celebrated.

While Christ was on earth, He spent time with the sinners & the outcasts of society.  He condemned the religious leaders of the day.  If we do the same, we can change the world!

God wants to meet us where we are, but He doesn’t want us to stay there.

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4 Responses to Christians in today’s world

  1. tjelmeland says:

    I am interested in hearing more about what you believe on this subject, and why you believe it. The best question I have ever encountered, as annoying as it can be, is why?

    • mfhorn says:

      I guess I’m not clear on what you mean. What part(s) would you like me to say more about? Or are you mainly interested in my beliefs as a Christian in general?

  2. tjelmeland says:

    I am interested in hearing more in general

    • mfhorn says:

      Well, I think that Christians are called to reflect Christ’s presence in us. Accepting Him doesn’t mean that we’re going to get it right all the time, not by a long shot. But it means we should turn away from things that are against what we know He wants from us. Sure we’ll fail, but we can move closer to Him. We can trust Him.

      God’s standard is perfection, but because we won’t make it, we’ve been given a sacrifice to take our place.

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