I’m not going to argue that racism is right, good, or excusable.  The idea that someone’s worth has anything to do with their skin color is more than a little foolish, and becomes flat out dangerous far too much of the time.

Government agencies, because they’re in place to represent the interests & needs of ‘the people’ must not discriminate.

The justice system, since its primary focus needs to be about ‘justice’ must not discriminate.  For justice to truly exist, we must all be treated as equal before the law.

But shouldn’t individuals, and the businesses they own (with some exceptions, like hospitals), have the right to serve & hire who they choose?  Aren’t they the ones who’ll miss out on loyal customers & on hard working, innovative employees?

Again, I’m not arguing that it’s right to discriminate.  But don’t people have the right to be wrong?  Isn’t it the inalienable right of every American to be a fool?  How simple is it, when businesses choose to serve only ‘their’ kind of people to boycott them.  To send a message that such discrimination isn’t acceptable?  And should restaurant ‘X’ or department store ‘Y’ or cleaning company ‘Z’ have such an attitude in their hearts, would you really want to work for them, or use them as your business of choice anyway?

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2 Responses to Racism

  1. Pechorin says:

    Right. We need to restore freedom of association – including so-called “restrictive covenants.” If I want to start a business that only hires green-eyed redheads that’s should be my right.

    To keep the country from falling apart completely, we need to (1) stop all immigration, which is destroying all traces of a common American identity, and (2) restore complete freedom of association, so that people can make real communities for themselves.


  2. mfhorn says:

    Freedom of association? Absolutely. Including the restrictive covenants. And yeah, if you only want to hire green eyed redheads, that’s fine too. It’s your business. And your loss for NOT hiring other people.

    Don’t stop all immigration, at least not on a permanent basis. We should freeze immigration for about 5 years to allow current legal immigrants to assimilate into the great American melting pot. We need to make the cost of hiring illegal immigrants so high that businesses don’t hire them. Penalize not just the business, but also personal penalties against the owner/CEO in the form of a cash penalty PLUS jail time.

    As I said, racism isn’t something I support. I do, though, support someone’s right to be a racist, and to lose out on the richness that people of all stripes have to offer. Race, nationality, skin color- these things don’t have any impact at all on someone’s worth as a human being.

    Dr. King dreamed of a day when his children would be judged ‘not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character’. It’s too bad we have people in groups like the Klan, and race hustlers in minority communities (no names need be mentioned) who refuse to do that.

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