Why are so many Americans such slobs?  Why are so many of our roads littered with boxes, paper bags, fast food wrappers & cups, cans & bottles?  Why can’t people take their kids’ diapers with them?  Why do riverbanks have old tires, bicycles & even shopping cars lining them?

I remember seeing that old PSA with ‘Iron Eyes’ Cody as an Indian, crying as he looked at a trash lined highway.  Pretty powerful.  Of course, I also remember the Light Beer commercial from about the same time with Bubba Smith, ripping the top off the ‘easy opening can’.

Now, I’m hardly a radical environmentalist.  I’m not going to go out & buy a little rollerskate like the ‘Smart Car’.  I’m not going to chain myself to, or put spikes in a tree.  I don’t buy into ‘AGW’, ‘Global Warming’ (now called ‘climate change’, so that any change in the weather is blamed on America & on capitalism) caused by human activity.

But at the same time I do what I can to keep things clean & to conserve.  I recycle, although I’m curious as to whether there’s any real energy savings by the time you include the cost & energy used getting recyclables from home to the local center, and then on to a recycling plant.  I’d have the a/c set higher by about 10 degrees, if my wife wasn’t so heat-intolerant.  I try to turn lights out, and I don’t drive more than I need to.

We can and should care for the world we live in.  But we don’t need to be in this huge panic that human activity is going to destroy all creation.  Let’s pick the trash up, be reasonable in what we use & recycle.  We don’t need to go to the extremes that some have suggested, which would end with us regressing from a modern society.

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