Helping the poor

I’ve never been on food stamps, or any other food assistance programs, so maybe there’s a good reason we have a program like it plus free/reduced price breakfast/lunch programs at school plus the summer meal programs for kids.

Shouldn’t the funds from food stamps be adequate for little Johnny & Suzie to have breakfast at home, and a sack lunch?  Can’t mom or dad heat up some frozen waffles & pour a glass of OJ?  Or make a turkey sandwich for lunch?  Why is there a ‘need’ for multiple programs, with multiple bureaucrats to run them?  Or did I just answer my own question- government programs which exist to provide cushy, high paying jobs to a bunch of political hacks.

Sure, we need to provide assistance for those who can’t provide for themselves.  But we need to create an environment in which that assistance is for as short a time as possible.  An environment where businesses grow & thrive, and are able to hire people.

And food which is food stamp eligible needs to exclude the highly processed stuff, the foods that are high in sugar & fat, and low in nutritional value.  When grocery stores are selling pre-made sandwiches as ‘food stamp eligible’ there’s something wrong.  And if the benefits of the basic food stamp program need extra help with breakfasts & lunches, there’s something wrong, too.  Parents need to take some responsibility for their kids.  And when a family is unable to provide for the majority of the basic needs of their kids, maybe they should hold off on having another child.

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