There’s a difference between ‘ethical’ and ‘legal’.  ‘Legal’ is, simply, doing what is allowed, or what is not disallowed, by law or statute.  ‘Ethical’ is doing the right thing, whether it’s legal or not.  Your stereotypical lawyer, for example, may know the law quite well, but isn’t well known for doing the right thing very often.

So which is more important- doing the legal thing or doing the ethical thing?

Well, for years it was legal to discriminate against certain groups, not only when doing business, but also in courts (before the law) & at polling places.  Legal certainly, but hardly ethical.

Slavery still exists in around the world.  It’s legal in some places, illegal in others, but it’s wrong no matter where you are.

Other things may be illegal, but people question if they’re ethical or not, depending on their views or even on the situation.

Ticket scalping is illegal here, and to an extent I can understand why.  When a company buys a huge number of tickets to a concert or major sporting event, then re-sells them at a huge markup, it not only hurts the band or the teams involved, it hurts the fans.  But an individual who finds himself unable to attend a popular event should be able to make a little extra off of it.

A little ‘greyer’ area is when disaster strikes & people make money off of supplies.  After hurricanes, for example, people will bring in truck loads of water and sell them for far above normal market price.  On one hand, I think that since the demand for water or whatever is so much higher when there’s no other source, and since that person has taken the time & money to supply this need should be able to.  On the other hand, I can see the point that you’re taking advantage of a tragedy.

We need to get back to doing the right thing more often in our lives.  You can work to benefit yourself, for example, without screwing others over.  Be honest & fair.

You also, of course, need to keep an eye out for yourself.  Don’t be foolish enough to let others screw you over.  Do some research.

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