Labor Day

Today, we honor the American worker.  Not necessarily people with a bunch of letters behind their names, but men & women who are out there in the trenches every day.  Plumbers, day care workers & truck drivers.  Guys working the high steel.  Landscapers.  Men & women who keep homes & offices clean.  Trash collectors & laundry attendants.

These are jobs that don’t get much, if any, recognition, but thank God they’re out there.  These are jobs that let us all live a better life in this great nation.

And while ‘Labor Day’ is traditionally focused on people who perform manual labor, I think we need to remember small businesses & their owners as well.  Entrepreneurs.  Men & women who have a dream to run their own restaurant, hardware store, construction company or computer repair shop.  Franchises or independents.  People who take huge risks, often putting in countless hours to fulfill a vision they’ve had of working for themselves.  Men & women who create jobs, opportunity & yes, wealth.  Thank God for them, too.

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