The people have spoken

Well, the American people have spoken.  They’ve given Barack Obama a second term to enact his promise to ‘fundamentally change America’.

A second term to punish success with massive tax increases.

A second term to suck up to dictators & thugs like Hugo Chavez.

A second term to force the Obamacare fiasco down the throats of the American people.

A second term to destroy our military.

A second term to surrender America’s sovereignty to the UN.

A second term to pack the courts with far left, activist judges who have no respect for, or understanding of, the Constitution or its purpose.

A second term for his wife, Queen Michelle I, to take countless vacations on the taxpayer’s dime.

A second term for the Obamessiah to play golf, rather than to actually lead.  Oh, wait.  I’d rather see him golfing than ‘leading’.

A second term for that utter buffoon, Joe Biden, to show that he’s a blithering idiot who’d get lost in a closet.

A second term to drive the national debt even higher.  Any bets on more than $20 trillion by 2016?

A second term to rule by Executive Order at every opportunity, defying Congress.

A second term to hear his worshipers cry ‘raaaaacism’ over any opposition to his agenda, or to anyone who doesn’t kiss his feet.

A second term to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

A second term to shackle business with regulation after regulation.

A second term to destroy America’s energy production.

A second term, which will end with gas prices pushing $6/gallon for most of the country.  Higher in California & New Jersey.

A second term to throw tens of millions at failed green energy programs.

A second term attacking Catholic & Protestants.

A second term to throw Israel under the bus, and to let radicals like Ahmadinejad get access to nuclear weapons.

And a second term to destroy our economy with the help of George Soros & others like him.

Can America survive a second Obama term?  Eight years of someone who’s worse than Jimmy Carter?

Can America survive unemployment at 7%, U6 Unemployment at 13% and inflation at 6%?

I hope so.

But I can pray that the Mayan’s were right, and that the world will end in December.

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