November 28, 2012 Powerball lottery

Tonight’s Powerball lottery jackpot is estimated at over half a billion dollars, the largest jackpot ever.

The odds that Mrs MF & I will win are astronomical, but it’s always kind of fun to think of some of the things I’d do with the money if we happen to win.  Thank God I’ve got an accountant in the family!

1) Retire & start our own business- either a pet sitting service or used bookstore.

2) Travel.  Ireland, Germany, Japan, the US, maybe Israel

3) Help friends & family with their retirement.  What the heck- sell ‘shares’ of the ticket!

4) Neuter/spay for pets & stray/feral cats & dogs.  Way too many feral animals running around now, and too many puppies & kittens that don’t find good homes.  Our local shelter is packed.

5)  Provide scholarships to private/Christian/military schools so kids can get out of the public school system & get an education that respects America & her history, instead of attacking it at every opportunity.

6) Provide scholarships to VoTech schools & colleges, with no money going to pointless degrees which demonize America (gender ID/race and ‘queer theory’ classes, and NO lawyers- we’ve got too many attorneys in this country now)

7)  Money to help weatherize homes in poor neighborhoods

8)  Money to missions & other church work, including micro loans or gifts of farm animals in 3rd world countries

9)  Buy or build our dream home.

10) Donate to conservative political causes

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