Westboro Baptist church protest

Once again, the members of the Topeka based Westboro ‘Baptist Church’ are out spewing their vile, hateful beliefs.  This time, they’ve protested at the funerals of the innocent victims of the Newtown, CT massacre, and at the funerals of two Topeka Kansas police officers, fatally shot early in the week.  Their claim is that America is being punished by God for our sins, and they celebrate that punishment.

Now, I’m not going to deny that America, and the world, are far from living lives that are pleasing to God.  We hate.  We’re greedy for money & power.  We lie.  We lust, murder & abuse.  And it’s certainly possible that God is punishing us, or at least getting our attention.

But to go out and celebrate the pain these mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers, grandparents, friends, loved ones, and the children of these officers are experiencing is inexcusable.  Christ is supposed to be our example, and I can’t imagine Jesus appearing at someone’s funeral and enjoying the suffering of those hurting families.

The antics we see from some Christians- the Phelps family, for example, or the extremists who murder abortionists or bomb clinics- are what drives people away from Christ.

I heard at work the other day that the group ‘Anonymous’ has decided to take a stand against the Westboro ‘Church’.  The groups goal is to stop this vile family’s endless assaults on innocent victims.  I pray that they’re able to bring this church down in a glorious pile of embarrassing revelations about their own lives.  God willing, they’re tax cheats or, for maximum embarrassment, ‘Rev’ Fred himself would be revealed to be homosexual himself.

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