100% on target. We’ve got to dump the Republican leadership before they join Obama in screwing America up any more.

The Wilderness of Mirrors

The Republican House Majority just doesn’t have the leverage to bargain with the Democrat controlled Senate or the POTUS.

See, that is the lie we are being sold to allow the Marxist infiltrators to destroy America. The House GOP has NEVER in America’s history been in a stronger position to demand and get all the spending cuts that they want. Harry Reid by failing to pass a budget for the last 4 years has given the House a nuclear weapon to demand and get anything they want in the way of concession from the Senate and the POTUS.

This nuclear weapon is called… The Continuing Resolution, which is how ALL of the Federal Government bills are being paid right now. IF Mitch McConnell and John “Bonehead” Boehner really wanted to solve our problems the solution is very simple. Refuse to allow the Continuing Resolution to come to the House Floor.

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