Made in the USA

Americans need to ‘Buy American‘ as much as possible.  Whether it’s an American company making jeans in Texas , or a Japanese company building cars in Tennessee, these are jobs being done here in America, helping free people from dependence on government assistance.

My first choice would be something made here, by an American company, but anything made in America is a big step.

Republicans, and especially conservatives, need to stand up & support products made here, and the businesses that make them.  We want people to be able to provide for themselves to the greatest extent possible, and that’s done by making sure that jobs are created here.  Businesses want as low a tax burden as possible, limited regulation (generally on them- regulation on their competitor is fine!), and certainty about the future.

Sure, there’s going to be a premium paid for some American-made products.  We generally can’t make things here as cheaply as they can be produced overseas.  Sometimes we can’t afford that premium.  I’ll pay a couple extra dollars for a shirt or a package of socks, but I can’t justify, or afford, $70 for a pair of jeans, or $20 for a pair of boxers.  But we’ve got to get manufacturing back here in to America.  Not everyone can make a living in fields like medicine, computers or finance, and it’s tough to make ends meet while working as a waiter or at a call center.

Even worse, moving high tech production overseas, computer chips for example, gives easier access to our technology to countries that aren’t always going to have our interests at heart.  What’s to stop a manufacturer from making chips that send sensitive information back to their government?  Or ones that they’re able to fry at command, leaving us stranded?  What about food that’s been contaminated- remember the tainted dog food from a few years ago?

So, where can we buy American made products?

In addition to the above links, there’s;;;

It takes some work to find American made products, but it CAN be done, even at places like Dollar General, who had some American-made Christmas decorations.  Shock!

Let’s help our our fellow Americans, rather than sending our money to China, Indonesia & Mexico.

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