Some people, just because of who they are, make friends easily.  They’re surrounded by people that they’re close to.

I’m not like that.  I don’t make friends easily.  But I’m blessed by having great friends.

A group of guys I’ve known since college are like family to me.  Before I got married, I’d spend holidays with them.  Their kids just about see me as an uncle.

A group of people I met at my latest (crummy) job are a great bunch too.  And there are people from other jobs, too.  We might catch up over a shot or three of whiskey, or at the range (range first, whiskey after!), and talk politics.

And there are people from church, too.  People who I know are praying for me and helping me know God better & grow closer to Him.

And even though I’ll probably never meet them, I even count some people from online as friends.

Some people need lots of human contact to be happy.  They can’t stand solitude.  I’m one of the other group.  I need my solitude.  Too much time around lots of people stresses me.  I can even have enough of my closest friends.  But thank God they’re there.

I’m not outgoing.  Don’t need a lot of friends.  Don’t need a lot of interaction with others.  Too much time around a lot of people stresses me.  But thank God for the people that know me best.

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