Death of a Thug

Hugo Chavez’ death, predictably, caused leftists, thugs & wacko’s worldwide to shed tears.  Many sang his praises over the compassion & concern he supposedly had for the poor & disenfranchised.  Some even cheered his hatred of capitalism & the United States.

Michael ‘The Blob’ Moore-on  commented

Leftists in San Francisco held a candlelight vigil for him

Sean ‘Osama’ Penn-Ladin claimed ‘“Today, the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion. I lost a friend I was blessed to have.”  Sorry, Sean.  With friends like that, who the heck needs an enemy?

Fourth rate former President Carter added his condolences as well, as did leftist director Oliver Stone (twice), former Rep. Joe Kennedy, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, US Rep. Jose Serrano,  leftist history professor Greg Grandin, far-left channel MSNBC, and Iranian lunatic Mahmoud ImADinnerjacket, who claimed Chavez would return on Resurrection Day.  I guess technically Hugo will rise again, but he’ll be descending back into hell with all the other thugs & evildoers.  Huffington Post eulogized him as well.  And the buffoons at the UN Human Rights Council added their praises.

Adding to the love fest were terror groups like Hezbollah who, predictably, bashed Israel, as well as Fatah.

Not surprisingly, the Obama administration will send a delegation to Hugo’s funeral.

Also not surprisingly, there were some claims that the CIA or bankers (2nd link) had had a hand in his death.  If only.

The fact that this 2nd world thug managed to amass a huge fortune is overlooked.  He’s a far leftist, so his riches are fine.  Only money made by evil businessmen is suspect.  I actually feel a bit sorry for the people of Venezuela.  They’ll be forced to see this clown on display for all eternity.  Or until someone wises up and tosses his sorry dead backside in the ocean, weighed down with a couple tons of concrete.

Of course, we’ll all be subjected to images of the people of Venezuela mourning their fallen god.  Some will, of course, be sincere.  Others will, I’m sure, be people mourning only because of fear of the Chavez goon squads.  Leftists in America & around the world will be near inconsolable, weeping over Chavez’ drive towards a society which worked towards equality of outcome- everyone except Hugo and his cronies being poor & dependent on the government.

Personally, I’m enjoying the mental image of Chavez on a spit in Hell, roasting over a fire along with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Jong, Kim Jung Il, Osama, Jeffrey Dahmer, Chairman Mao and others of their ilk.

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