President Obama

I’m hardly a fan of Barack Obama.  But some of the things being said about him are, in my opinion, more than a bit silly.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t believe Obama loves the America that I love.  His vision seems to be one of equality of outcome, rather than of standard, or of equality under the law.

I believe that he’s a Christian, although he seems far more comfortable supporting Islam & Muslims than he is backing Christians being attacked in Islamic countries.  Why would he use the phrase ‘Prophet of the Muslims’ when referring to Mohammed when he doesn’t use a similar phrase when he’s talking about Jesus, or about Buddha?

I believe that under Islamic law, he’s a Muslim- like I care what Islamic law says.

I believe he’s a citizen.  Unfortunately.  Sorry Mom & Dad.

Despite what a woman told me recently, I believe that his birth in Hawaii happened when it was a state.

I believe it’s his goal to ensure as many people as possible look to the government for as much as possible, rather than relying on their own hard work, abilities & passions.

I believe that he, Michelle, and at least some of his advisers & staff see America as ‘just another country’ that needs to be brought down to the level of other countries.  Punished for our success which was, they believe, earned through theft.

I believe that these people are the same ones who see the economy as a ‘zero sum’ game, and that if one person has more, others necessarily have less.

I believe that Obama is the least qualified leader this country has ever had, but that he’s marginally more qualified than Joe Biden.

America will probably survive 8 years of this clown & his inept staff.  Will it be an America that will be great again?  Will the millions of people who have lost their jobs ever be able to find work again?  Will we regain the liberty we’ve lost under an ever-expanding federal government, not solely under Obama, but certainly at a rate that’s been accelerating since his election?

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