An apology for the Westboro Baptist Church

Once again the members of the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ are out exploiting a tragedy in order to get their names, faces & agenda in front of the American people.  As a native Kansan, and as a Christian, I’d like to apologize for the hate this group spews at every chance.

The ‘church’, made up primarily of members of ‘Rev’ Fred Phelps family, claim the deaths in Moore, OK last week during a massive F5 tornado are God’s judgement on America for NBA player Jason Collins coming out as homosexual.  Twenty four people, including 10 children, lost their lives during this storm.  Typically, the group is celebrating these tragic deaths.

I have to wonder what the Phelps clan would have Americans do in order to avoid God’s wrath.  Should we jail homosexuals?  Execute them?  And why is there a particular focus on gays?  The Phelps’ claim that homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes, but they don’t seem to think that other things which were, historically, seen as sinful and are now more socially acceptable as being worthy of such vitriol, and divine punishment.  Divorce, out of wedlock pregnancy & pornography are everyday occurrences.  But for some reason, the Phelps family is silent on these issues.

Where do the members of this group get their money?  Most of them are lawyers, so it’s certainly possible they get enough income from their law practice to travel around the country waving signs, shouting, and preaching hate.  But I can’t imagine that too many people in Topeka KS would want anything to do with them.  I sure wouldn’t use their services to draw up any kind of legal paperwork, or to defend myself from any crime!  As a ‘church’ they are, of course, tax exempt.  But I think it’d be interesting to find out where their funds come from.  Are they getting money from someone on the far right?  Or on the far left?

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