Liberal stupidity

Bloggers, pundits, & others on the left enjoy pointing out, endlessly, things they believe show the ‘stupidity’ of Republicans, Tea Party activists, and conservatives.

Admittedly, we have our share of candidates and columnists who say dumb things.

An area that’s caused a number of those on the Right to stumble is comments regarding rape.  Candidates who claim a woman’s body prevents pregnancy by ‘shutting down’ during a rape  are fooling at best, and come across as unconcerned about the victims of this crime, or as believing that if a woman DOES become pregnant, she wasn’t really raped, at worst.  Such pregnancies may be rare, but it’s not a function of biology.

Of course, idiotic statements from those on the left get little, if any, air time in the Main Stream Media.  For example in 2010, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) asked Admiral Robert Willard if Guam would, due to overpopulation, ‘tip over & capsize’.  He later claimed he was being facetious.

Sen. Diane Feinstein. claimed that it was legal to shoot people, presumably because there aren’t enough gun control laws out there to suit her fancy.

President Obama claimed that a tornado in Greensburg, KS killed 10,000 people.  In fact, 12 were killed.  Sure, it was a simple slip of the tongue, along the lines of his claim that he’d visited 57 states.  Slips like that happen to everyone.

But if Bush, Romney or someone else on the right said the same thing, we’d be treated to days, if not months, of late night jokes, political columns, and headline news about how stupid the person was.

Texas Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee seems to be a very special kind of stupid.  In 2005, during a visit to the Jet Propulsion Lab, she asked if the Mars Pathfinder had taken a picture of the flag planted by Neil Armstrong.  She’s also pushed for more ‘African American’ names for hurricanes, and “told the House Judiciary Committee that the “penalty” the (Obamacare) law imposes on individuals who do not buy health insurance is not in fact a penalty.

The law is not particularly vague on the point, stating: “If an applicable individual fails to meet the requirement of subsection (a) [having a government-approved health-insurance policy]… there is hereby imposed a penalty with respect to the individual.” There is even a section entitled “Payment of Penalty,” providing that individuals failing to carry a government-approved health insurance policy must pay a maximum penalty of $750.

That clear and unambiguous language to the contrary notwithstanding, in Rep. Jackson-Lee’s alternate universe, this language does not actually impose a penalty.  I would make the argument, one, that instead it is an incentive to do right–that it is not penalizing because penalty is punishment,” Jackson-Lee told the Judiciary Committee. “You’re not punished if you have health insurance, in fact. And so you are, in fact, incentivized to have health insurance, rather than take the negative which is to suggest that because we have a penalty you are being punished,” she added . (source)

Let’s face it.  Stupidity exists everywhere.  Einstein said ‘Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.’  How right he was.


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