The ugliness of radical Islam

The ugliness of the worst elements of radical Islam reared its ugly head recently.  Three women, 2 teens & their mother, were killed in Pakistan.  Murdered by a family member- a brother.


There were killed to restore family honor.

So what did these girls do?  They were videotaped.  Playing in the rain.  <gasp>  <horrors!>

The story doesn’t say much beyond that.  Two teenaged girls, probably laughing & splashing in the rain, like normal kids.  Depending on where in Pakistan this happened, there might not be as much rain as we might be used to, so I can see dancing out in it going on at a bit older age than in other parts of the world.

So what is it that brought such a blight on the family honor?  Was it just that they were out playing & dancing in public?  Was it that they were filmed?  Did the brother think ‘fun’ was forbidden in Islam?  From the video, we know they were dressed in the traditional trouser suits & headscarves.  It’s not like they were running around uncovered.  Maybe the fact that the video  made it online, and people around the world were able to see it was what set their brother, Khutor, off.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, over 900 women were killed in honor killings in 2011, including a 15 year old whose parents murdered her because she ‘looked at a boy’.

I’ll give Pakistan some credit- at least they’re tracking such brutality.  Khutor and 4 alleged accomplices have been arrested.  It’ll be interesting to see if he’s convicted and, if so, what the punishment might be.

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