You can look at a map and see how big Texas is.  But you don’t really understand what that means until you’ve driven even part of it.

We went to visit mom recently, after dad’s passing.  We flew in to San Antonio, and drove a couple hours to get to out final destination.

First, driving through San Antonio was an adventure.  We’d crawl along for a ways, bumper to bumper.  Then things would clear up & you’d go like a bat out of hell for a while.  Before long though, you’d be back to crawling along for 5 or 10 minutes.  And again, traffic would clear up & you’d go ripping along, with cars racing past you like you were sitting still.  No thanks.

When we got to our final destination, it was much more what I’m used to.  A smaller city (much) with a nice, relaxed pace and sane drivers.

The trip back home, though, was when Texas’ size really hit.  We’d bought mom & dad’s car from them since she doesn’t drive any more.  We left _____ at around 10:15 Saturday morning.  The country where we were was very pretty.  We made a couple stops for fresh fruit and for some gag gifts for my better half’s family & friends, and for a late lunch, but were hoping to make it home for the night.  Fat chance.

By around 7, I was ready to stop for the day.  Even though we’d driven for the better part of 8 hours, we were still just outside Dallas.  Getting the rest of the way home took in to the afternoon the next day.

When we got home, I started looking at other options for our trip down this fall.  I don’t want to fly in to San Antonio again.  What about flying to ______?  No, it’s 7 hours from there to mom’s.  Damn…

So we’re going to drive down this fall.  It’s a different route, staying away from all the really huge cities.  It’ll mean a lot of driving, probably 12-14 hours, with me doing all the driving since we’ll be in the car with the manual tranny.  We might have to stay in some small town for the night that’ll have a hotel Mrs Right (who’s fairly Left) will like.  Of course for her, ‘Roughing it’ means a place with no room service, with outside entrances to the room, and no full breakfast.  Homewood Suites is about right for her.  🙂  And she deserves it.

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