Trash TV

The call center I work in has a couple TV’s in the break room.  Popular shows range from game shows, ‘The Chew’, Judge Somebodyorother, sitcoms and, sadly, ‘trash TV’.  Shows hosted by people like Maury, Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos.

You know the kind of program.  People who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.  A parade of women who don’t know their ‘baby daddy’ is.  Couples accusing each other of infidelity.  A man (or woman) who wants an ‘open relationship’.  Men accused of fathering a raft of kids.  Incest?  One spouse sleeping with the others brother, sister, mother or child?  Slutty teen girls?  Middle aged ‘cougars’ and their underaged lovers?  Transsexuals who haven’t told their lover they had a bit chopped off, or added on?  No subject seems to low.

Personally, there’s no way you’d get me on a show like that.  The courtroom TV shows are bad enough, but to willingly air your dirty laundry, real or fake, on national TV boggles my mind.

How does this affect people in the long run, too?  Would you want to hire a man who’d just found out he was the father of his sister-in-law’s baby?  Or his babysitter’s?  What about the woman who keeps bringing man after man on the show, thinking one of them is the father of her little boy?

Men & women who are that promiscuous display, I believe, very poor judgement.  Certainly for any kind of sensitive position, behavior like that opens them up for blackmail.

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