Family vacations as a kid

When I was growing up, we took some great vacations.

One year, we went to the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  I remember dad carrying me to the car at about 4 in the morning for the 10+ hour drive.  We stayed with an old friend of dad’s, Doug, who was in the Air Force.  I remember spending the whole day at the museum, looking at the incredible collection of aircraft.  At the time, they had a huge experimental bomber, the XB-70 Valkyrie on display outside.  Today, that bomber sits in a hangar in the museum annex, a short bus ride away from the main museum.

Another year, around 1978 or so, we went to Disneyworld.  We drove to Florida, seeing some beautiful country, including some of the big stables in Kentucky.  Disneyworld was still using the ‘ticket’ system, with some rides taking higher ‘value’ tickets than others.  Lots of rides, characters, and fun.  Dad’s friend Dog had moved, and we stayed with them on this trip, too.

Estes Park, Colorado was on of our favorite vacation spots.  We’d stay at a little place that had cabins for rent- I think it’s part of the YMCA now.  ‘Our’ cabin was ‘Hoot Owl’.  We’d hike, feed birds & chipmunks and enjoy the beauty of God’s world.

But we mostly took canoe trips, once to Minnesota, the rest of the time to the Ozarks.  We canoed the Jack’s Fork once, the Niangua once, and the Current River several times.  We’d drive down & either hire someone to drive us upriver, or they’d drop the car off at the next landing and we’d canoe down to it.  We’d paddle along for a few hours, floating when we could or going through some little riffles & small rapids, stop for lunch, travel a few more hours, then pitch a tent on a gravel bar for the night.  We’d hear Whippoorwills and other birds, and see deer, fish & other critters.  Next morning, we’d paddle to where the car was & head for home.

Unfortunately, my better half isn’t in to camping, or anything outdoorsey really.  ‘Roughing it’ to her is a motel with no room service & the doors to the room on the outside.  Oh well.

Thanks for the memories, dad.

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