Vacation plans

We’ve been married 5 years now.  They’ve been good, for the most part.  A few rough spots of course- we are just human.  Finances have been the toughest, since I lost my job a few years ago.  My fault.  Not Bush’s, not Obama’s.  Mine.  And I’m stuck working at a call center for under $15/hour.

Because of that, we haven’t taken a real vacation in years.  Mom & dad let us use a time share one weekend, but that was before we got married.  They ended up having to sell their ownership because of their finances.

We spent a weekend with some college friends of mine two different years.  Once in KC at the Renaissance Faire, once in Branson, MO, at Silver Dollar City.

We’ll see her family and friends a few times a year.  And we flew to Texas after dad passed away.  I’m heading back here in a few weeks, but by myself since my wife’s taking classes for her MBA.

And we’ll take our anniversary and spend it at a nice hotel, just to get away from the furry horde.

Her dream vacation would be to go back to China.  I’d be interested in seeing China & Japan if we went that direction.  My own dream trip, though, would be Ireland- it’s villages, museums, ancient castles, music, and pubs.  And their floors.  Ireland, Scotland, England (safely away from the radically Islamized parts), Germany, Italy, Greece.  History.  The cradle of Western civilization.  The home of my ancestors.  And the part of the world that touches my soul.

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