The 2016 Presidential Race Democratic Candidates

We’re well over a year before our next Presidential election.  Potential candidates are putting cautious toes in the water, testing if they’ve got enough support and enough big money donors to make a run.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley & Lincoln Chafee have announced their candidacy, and Vice President Joe Biden has expressed interest.  Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell & Sen. Chris Murphy are also potential candidates.

Based solely on the general beliefs of the Democratic Party, I wouldn’t back any of these individuals, but let’s take a quick look at them.

Hillary Clinton has serious potential ethical issues, mainly regarding official email stored on a personal server rather than saved as required by law, and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Bernie Sanders is an extreme leftist who’s complained that too many deodorant choices mean we don’t have enough money to pay for government programs.  He’s stated he’d back a top tax rate in the 90% range.  I think he’s out of his mind.

Martin O’Malley, former Delaware Governor, is almost as far to the left as Sanders is.  He raised taxes about 40 times during his 8 years in office, with increases in fees for Birth & Death Certificates to an infamous ‘rain tax’, based on the amount of impervious surface on a person’s property.  Yet another disciple of the Church of Big Government.

Lincoln Chafee’s time in the US Senate & in the Governor’s mansion in Rhode Island show that he’s also far to the left.  He’s backed tax increases, more federal funding for health care, expanded federal control over class action lawsuits, but opposed a wholesale ban on gifts from employees of lobbyists.  On Social issues, he opposed a proposed ban on Partial Birth Abortion, backs gun control & opposed a bill which protected firearm manufacturers & dealers from being held liable for damages caused by their products.

Joe Biden is, in my opinion, a brainless fool.  I wouldn’t trust him to find his way out of bed in the morning.  Gore is a flake.  Bloomberg loves taxes & hates guns.

As far as Gov. Markell & Sen. Murphy go, I don’t know enough about them to give even a little bit of a profile, but the little I’ve read paints them as being pretty far to the left as well.

I’ll start touching on Republican candidates soon.

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