Charleston Church Massacre

The massacre of nine innocent men & women at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC is certainly in part due to the alleged perpetrator’s (I refuse to say his name) hatred of minorities, as evidenced by his online rant.

His hatred seems, at least, to be something that’s developed fairly recently.  A friend of his, who describes himself as ‘half black’ didn’t see indications of racism when they were growing up.

His father & uncle called authorities & positively identified him as the alleged perpetrator, and his uncle said he would ‘push the button himself‘ if the murderer is sentenced to death.

There are calls for this attack to be classified as terrorism.  1   2   3    But FBI director James Corney says that a terrorist act must be politically motivated.

The calls of racism & of a ‘hate crime’ certainly make sense, especially in light of images showing the alleged perpetrator wearing a jacket with a pro-apartheid patch on it2 (scroll about halfway down linked pages), the type of thing that would, in the eyes of the left, make him a member of the Right.  But other pictures show him burning an American flag, and there are expressions of hatred towards American patriotism, hardly actions I’d expect of a Conservative.

Regardless of his motive, regardless of his political leanings, I hope he’s punished to the greatest extent possible, should he be convicted.


The response of the community, especially the families of the victims of this senseless act, is so much better and so much more Christ-like than I could be.  I respect them, and offer my prayers to them.

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