Republican Presidential candidate: Lindsey Graham

Republicans have a huge number of candidates to choose from in the upcoming Presidential primaries.  I’d like to offer my opinions on them.

Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina, is one of the candidates I can safely say I will never support in the primaries.  I’m not even sure I could back him in the General Election.

According to the American Conservative Union, Graham scored just 74% ‘Conservative’ in the most recent Congress.  This was an increase over his previous session score of 68%.  While his lifetime (20 years) score is reasonably good (87.3%), he seems to be getting more & more liberal as time goes on- something we see from far too many of our Republican representatives.

The website ‘Conservative Review‘ ranks him at just 47% Conservative.  This score is based on his support for ‘fast track’ trade authority for President Obama, supporting Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, and his backing of funding to pay for Obama’s executive amnesty among others.  In the past, he’s supported numerous bailouts, backed comprehensive immigration reform, been weak on 2nd Amendment issues, and backed raising the debt ceiling a total of 10 times.  More of the Conservative Review analysis here.

Sorry Lindsey, you seem to be far too much in Obama’s pocket for my taste!

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