Republican Presidential candidate: Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO, was in the first debate- the ‘minor leaguer’ debate.  Because of her performance, she’s seen a steady increase in her support.  My source is

A plus for her is that she’s not a career politician.  She ran for the US Senate from California in 2010 and lost.

But she doesn’t seem to have outlined specifics of what she’d do, or how she’d fix the problems we’re facing as a nation.

So where does Ms. Fiorina stand on the important issues?

While she has criticized Common Core standards, she still wants to see the federal government take more of a role in educating America’s youth.

She backed the TARP bailout & Obama’s stimulus package, although she says she now opposes TARP.  She hasn’t specifically backed cap & trade, but at least appears to support it.

Ms. Fiorina also supports ‘birthright citizenship’, supposedly granted under the 14th Amendment.  (see my post on Immigration)  She also backed the ‘Dream Act’, and the ‘Gang of Eight’ push for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

She at least appears to be a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

On the environment, she opposes the renewable fuel standards & the wind energy tax credit, and blames the left for water shortages in California.  On the other hand, she blames human activity for ‘Climate Change’, and appears to back cap & trade.

According to ‘The Examiner‘, Carly Fiornia is another moderate to liberal, running as a conservative.

Because of her stance on issues, and her poor performance while at HP, I’d have a very hard time backing Ms. Fiorina for the White House.  I’d much rather see a woman like Nikki Haley or Susanna Martinez run.  Or, in a few years, Mia Love.

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