Why I’m a Conservative

Liberals ask why middle class or poor people vote ‘against their (own) best interests’ by supporting Conservatives.

I’ve been a Conservative my whole political life.  The first political newsletter I read was ‘Human Events‘.  I was a 3rd generation subscriber, until the print edition ended, and I still regularly visit their website.  I’m hardly rich.  I work at a call center, making about $14/hour as an insurance agent.  Even my last job only paid around $20/hour.

So why do I back Conservative candidates?

I believe in, and support, the Constitution, including the 2nd, 9th & 10th Amendments.  Far too many politicians on both sides of the aisle ignore the 9th & 10th, and there are those on the left who think the right to keep & bear arms needs to be eliminated.

I believe in personal responsibility, to the greatest extent possible.  There will always be people who are unable to provide for themselves, and it’s the right thing- the Christian thing- to help them.  But we shouldn’t set out to make as many people as possible depend on government.

I believe in protecting our borders.   American is certainly a nation of immigrants.  Men & women coming from around the world to build a better life for themselves & their family.  But we’re also a nation of laws.  Too many politicians, Democratic & Republican, want to grant a ‘path to citizenship’ for their own reasons.  Republicans are more likely to do this at the urging of groups like the Chamber of Commerce, seeking lower wage employees.  The left is more likely to back amnesty over ‘white guilt’ and to gain voters.  Republicans forget that American citizens need jobs, while Democrats forget the law, and that we’re a sovereign nation.

I’m a believer in American sovereignty.  I don’t want our government to adopt laws & policies just because the French, German, Korean, Saudi or Nigerian government does.

I believe in individual rights.  Government, since it represents ‘the people’ must never discriminate.  Everyone must be treated equally under the law.  At the same time, respect for individual rights means that those individuals & businesses that choose to discriminate should be allowed to, no matter how wrong or how stupid it is.  If I’m free to avoid a business owned by someone because of who they are, they should also be free to avoid taking money from me because of who I am.

I believe that everyone, whether they’re making $15,000 a year or $15,000,000 a year, should be able to keep as much of their money as possible.  We need to fund government to do what’s needed, but we shouldn’t punish success.  I’d back a flat tax rate of 18-20% with generous personal exemptions of either $7,500 or $10,000 per person on all income, whether it’s through labor or investments.  And businesses should face lower taxes too.

I support fewer regulations.  Big business can more easily absorb the cost of new rules & regulations than small businesses can, and these costs hinder new entries into the market.  I don’t support no regulations, just fewer, more sensible ones.

I want to see the best schools possible, and I believe that comes from competition among different schools, not through a government run educational system.  While a level of ‘socialism’ is needed here to pay for education, the actual running of schools needs to be done privately.  Parents can use government funds to send their kids to schools that they believe will provide the education they feel is best, with broad & limited government interference.  And what government involvement is needed should be at the level closest to those affected- the state & local, rather than national, level.

Government has its functions.  We need government to provide things like roads, police & fire protection, national defense & to negotiate treaties with other countries.  States can & should be able to decide on regulations that they believe will protect their citizens.  If one state wants higher level of product safety than another, fine!  And a business can either tailor their product to meet those regulations, or not sell in that state.

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