Pet Food

I’m an animal lover.  We’ve rescued cats & kittens, and even a dog, off the streets over the years, and made them part of our ‘family’.  We’re feeding three feral cats here at home, and there’s another colony near work that I help feed.  We work with our local Humane Society as fosters, and we help with ‘Trap/Neuter/Release’.  So we have hearts for our furry friends.

But when we went to a local pet warehouse and saw bags of cat food costing more than $20 for 10 pounds (or less), it bothered me.

No, I don’t think it should be illegal to spend that much for pet food.

But speaking for myself, I’d much rather spend half that much to feed our cats, and use the difference to buy some chickens for a family in Africa, a fishing net for someone in Asia.  To help dig a well in a poor village.  To buy more food for the feral kitties, or to help pay for a Neuter/Spay surgery.

Of course good pet owners want the best for their cat, dog, bird, or whatever animal they have.  But we shouldn’t ever forget all the cats & dogs living on the streets, hungry, alone, neglected, and cold.

Please, help homeless animals.  Get your next pet from a shelter.  And get them Neutered or Spayed.


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