What can you do for America?

President Kennedy, in his Inaugural Address, said ‘…Ask not what  your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.’  Wise words.

Today, nearly every Democrat, and far too many Republicans, expect the government to do more & more for them.

On the left, it’s all about free health care, education, feminine hygiene products, and protected status for the preferred group of the day, among other things.

On the right, it’s often expanding government help to businesses.  The US Chamber of (Crony Capitalism) Commerce.

Let’s get rid of all these hand outs, to the greatest extent possible.  Yes, there are people who can’t, or shouldn’t, work.

Our senior citizens have paid their dues.  If they can’t provide for themselves, let’s help them out.  If the have the means to provide for themselves, why not reduce (not eliminate) their benefits?

Children need to be kids.  Their ‘job’ is to learn when their in school, and to develop through play.

But let’s not encourage dependence.  Families who can’t afford kids maybe should spring for birth control so they don’t have kids, or at least don’t have more kids.  People who are unwilling to provide for themselves shouldn’t be rewarded.

What can we do for our country?  Volunteer at a food bank.  If you have the skill, teach someone to read, or help them learn a trade.  If you have the means, help someone go back to school.  Clean up your street or a local park

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