Predictions for a (God help us) President Biden

God help us, we’re going to see Joe Biden in the White House in a few weeks. So what does that mean for America? What will happen, not just in a Biden administration, but in a wholly radical left wing Democratic government?

1. I’m betting there’s an 80% chance that Joe won’t last more than about 30 months before his senility is so obvious even the media can’t deny it.

2. Both Taiwan & Israel will be thrown under the bus. Biden will, at best, offer a token of objection when China attacks Taiwan. And when Israel is attacked by ‘Palestinians’ and other enemies, he won’t do anything much either. Thank God Trump managed to get some peace agreements negotiated between Israel & some countries in the Middle East.

3. Biden claimed he’d only raise taxes on people making over $400,000/year. But to pay for all the goodies he’s talking about, there’s no way that would raise enough money. Not only that, but eliminating the Trump tax cuts will mean everyone’s taxes will go up. And we’ll see increased taxes on fuel & energy- taxes which are highly regressive.

4. We’ll see taxes and background check requirements (already introduced) on guns and ammunition. I’d expect requirements for large amounts of liability insurance as well- limits far above what’s required for your auto insurance. There will also be pressure on insurance companies to NOT offer such limits, or to charge so much that virtually nobody can afford them.

5. I expect an end to ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, and limits on ‘Home Castle’ doctrine. You’ll be expected to retreat (‘Pretend your a Frenchman’) and hand everything over to criminals- ‘It’s only stuff- it can be replaced’.

6. We’ll be under a federal mask mandate for 4-6 months, and probably stay in place orders. The devastation to small businesses won’t matter.

7. We’ll see amnesty for 20+ million illegal immigrants, and weakened borders.

8. ‘Right to work’ laws will be repealed, and ‘card check’ laws will be implemented, which means that your vote on union representation isn’t done in the privacy of a voting booth. I respect someone’s right to join or NOT join a union.

9. We’ll see massive cuts to the DoD to pay for all this ‘free’ stuff.

10. Biden will send money to Iran. It’ll be our tax money this time though, not theirs. And it’ll be used to commit acts of terror.

11. The federal government will take control over local zoning laws. Instead of ensuring that people of any race have the right to live somewhere (as it should be), communities will be expected to have the ‘right’ ethnic mix. If there are ‘too many’ single family homes, there will be a requirement that more duplex, 4-plex and apartments, including lower income housing, be built, even if it lowers the value of existing homes.

12. DC, Puerto Rico & Guam (if it doesn’t tip over) will be given statehood. California might be split in to multiple states, giving Democrats a guaranteed 9-12 Senators and who knows how many Representatives.

13. Vote by mail will be the norm, if not required. Same day voter registration will be required, and any form of voter ID laws will be overturned. The better to commit vote fraud.

14. Radical left groups like Antifa & BLM will be given a pass on all their violence.

I shared these with some friends, and they added a few things

15. Gun confiscation following a false flag operation

16. Permanent mask requirement

17. Right to travel restricted

18. Surveillance state, with ‘social scores’ based on ‘wokeness’

19. Shut down of non Democratic media/websites (we’re seeing that already)

20. 1st & 2nd Amendments ‘interpreted’ to be meaningless

21. Implementation of the 4th industrial revolution/great reset

22. Unsure of the term, but when banks refuse to handle accounts for entities they disagree with.

23. End to ‘self defense’ shooting defense

24. Charter schools will be eliminated. I think if they could get by with it, the left would eliminate private schools too- especially Christian schools.

The Republican party has GOT to stand up to this lunacy. America can’t survive with the radical leftist agenda coming at us. We don’t need the spineless clowns like much of the party leadership, and clowns like Mitt Romney have given us.

Run for office at the lowest levels- start at school boards and city councils and work your way up. Hell, start at the precinct level if you have to!

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2 Responses to Predictions for a (God help us) President Biden

  1. TheGhostofBelleStarr says:

    I expect them to eliminate churches tax exempt status as well… especially after they implement the “Equality Act”

    • mfhorn says:

      The ‘wrong’ churches probably will. Any church that doesn’t approve of, or celebrate, homosexuality, gay marriage, transgenderism and a host of other left wing beliefs will be called bigots and Nazis.

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