Illustrating Absurdity

The ‘Woke’ left is getting more & more ridiculous with their demands. Not satisfied with ending use of slurs like the ‘N’ word, we’re now expected to use countless made up pronouns and participate in delusions over gender. People are ‘triggered’ over words like ‘master’ or ‘man’ and even assume that owning a white dog is some sign of racial supremacy.

The late great Rush Limbaugh used to ‘illustrate absurdity by being absurd’- taking the extreme cases and demands of the left to their ludicrous ends. So, in honor of Rush’s memory, let’s get absurd.

‘Master bedrooms’ in homes are out, because a few people are told they should connect the phrase to the days of slavery. Should we then get rid of Master’s Degrees? Master locks? The Masters golf tournament? What about people who have mastered a subject? My brother in law is a master mechanic. Does that offend someone? Could some helpless snowflake be reduced to tears over being introduced to someone named Master or Masters? Master bedrooms have become ‘Main’ bedrooms in some areas. So… Main locks? Main degrees? The Main golf tournament? Main mechanic? “Hello, my name is Main’?

The word ‘man’ has been on the outs for a long time when it comes to some positions. ‘Chairman’ became ‘Chairperson’ or simply ‘Chair’. Well, ‘Chair’ is a piece of furniture. Chairperson suffers because of the word ‘son’ (a male), so maybe we should use ‘Chairbeing’ or ‘Congressbeing’.

Mailman? No. Mailbeing? Better, but it has the word ‘Mail’ which sounds like ‘male’, so maybe we should use ‘Postbeing’.

The endless parade of bizarre pronouns like hir/xi/xyr and those who use they/them for a singular individual is just nuttiness. What if I wanted to be called ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘Emperor’?

I saw an accusation against some conservative that their ownership of a white dog meant they were white supremacist. But I’ll guarantee that if they’d owned a black dog it’d be linked to a desire to own a slave. The same thing would be true over ownership of a white or black car, boat or just about anything else. Owning a red car would probably mean subconscious desire to subjugate Indians. But what does that say about someone who owns a green car? Or one that’s blue or silver? We have a cat that’s black AND white. Do those balance each other out? Or would it depend whether there’s more black or white on her?

Face it. We’re screwed, and we can thank the left.

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1 Response to Illustrating Absurdity

  1. Darkwords says:

    I saw womxn bing used today. Also watched a TV show where They was introduced and used as a singular pronoun. People should just get tatoos if they want to be unique.

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