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Christianity in America

Fewer and fewer people identify as Christian today.  ‘Spiritualism’, Atheism, Agnosticism, along with other belief systems are on the rise.  And there’s increasing hostility towards Christians & Christianity as well. Some of this increased hostility is, I believe, our own … Continue reading

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Church reset- new pastor(s). Again.

I know God acts in His own time, and that He has a plan.  But waiting for that plan can be frustrating. I’ve been a part of my church ‘family’ since the beginning- about 15 years.  In that time we’ve … Continue reading

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An apology for the Westboro Baptist Church

Once again the members of the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ are out exploiting a tragedy in order to get their names, faces & agenda in front of the American people.  As a native Kansan, and as a Christian, I’d like to … Continue reading

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Over sensitivity

Why are there some groups out there which are deemed so sensitive, so delicate that anything which might offend them is a no-no? It’s one thing, out of common courtesy, to refrain from using ethnic slurs such as the ‘N’ … Continue reading

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