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Affirmative Action

While affirmative action has a noble purpose, far too often it ends up hurting those it’s designed to help.  The goal of affirmative action is to ensure that minorities are represented in equal proportion to their presence in the general … Continue reading

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Focus on the economy

By focusing so heavily on social issues, Conservatives are ensuring losses on both social & economic issues.  More & more Americans support, at least to some degree, a woman’s right to an abortion.  More & more Americans support, at least … Continue reading

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America’s immigration system is broken, and despite what people on the left & the right say, things like amnesty, a ‘path to citizenship’ and open borders are not the solution. To immigrants who served this country in the military, or … Continue reading

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I’m not going to argue that racism is right, good, or excusable.  The idea that someone’s worth has anything to do with their skin color is more than a little foolish, and becomes flat out dangerous far too much of … Continue reading

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