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What can you do for America?

President Kennedy, in his Inaugural Address, said ‘…Ask not what  your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.’  Wise words. Today, nearly every Democrat, and far too many Republicans, expect the government to do … Continue reading

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Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Speech

President Obama, not surprisingly, called for more government spending as part of his State of the Union speech.  He called for two years of ‘free’ community college for anyone who met certain basic requirements.  Specifically, the student must keep a … Continue reading

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“Do Not Call”

The federal ‘Do Not Call’ list is, I believe, a mixed bag. On the plus side, there’s at least a slight chance that the number of telemarketing calls you’ll receive throughout the day will drop.  And under the law, you … Continue reading

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The Affordable Horse Act

NOT mine.  I received this as an email, no idea whose this was originally THE AFFORDABLE HORSE ACT OF 2013 The U.S. government has just passed a new law called: “The Affordable Horse Act” declaring that every citizen MUST purchase … Continue reading

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